Can I Take Hormones To Grow Breasts?

Taking hormones is one of the ways women use to make their breasts bigger. In fact some of these hormones are naturally produced in the body at different times in the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.

Hormones can be taken in the form injections or pills. Many women use birth control pills to increase breast size.

Apart from making your breasts larger, hormones can make your breasts tender and sensitive. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with your physician before taking hormones for breast growth.

Here are some of the hormones you can take to grow your breasts.


Estrogen hormone helps to stimulate the growth of new breast tissue. It also helps to strengthen breast ligaments and increase blood circulation in the breasts.

Estrogen also helps to making breasts firm giving them a perky look. Estrogen can either be taken as pills or in form of injection.


Progesterone helps to stimulate the growth of mammary glands and is mainly produced during pregnancy. This hormone works together with estrogen to increase breast size. It can be taken in form of pills.

Growth hormones

Though growth hormones are mainly used to encourage growth in the whole body, they can still be used to increase breast size. It is recommended to use growth hormones under the supervision of a doctor.

Bottom line

The results of using hormones for breast growth varies for each person and these hormones have been documented to have other side effects that are detrimental to health. In some people, use of hormones has been shown to increase chances of getting cancer.

Therefore, if you feel hormones is not your thing you can try other alternatives like breast enhancement creams that are natural and don’t have adverse side effects like hormones.

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