9 Exercises To Increase Breast Size In 10 Days

Are you wondering which exercises can help to increase breast size fast? I’ve got you covered. In this post I will share 9 different exercises that will help to make your breasts bigger and firmer.

Apart from being a natural method of breast enlargement, exercise is also a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Let’s dive in and explore the different exercises to increase breast size in 10 days.

1) Push-ups

This exercise is very effective in strengthening muscles around the breasts. Push-ups may be difficult in the beginning but will progressively become easier if you do them on a regular basis. See image below on how to do them properly.



Recommendation: do 3 sets with 8 -12 reps in each set.

2) Modified push-ups

These are slightly easier than normal push up but still effective. See the image below on how to do this exercise properly.

modified push-up

Modified push-ups

Recommendation: do 3 sets with 10 – 12 reps in each set.

3) Elevated push-ups

This is another version of the push-up exercise that you can use to make your breasts larger. This is more intensive compared to the other two push-up exercises I have mentioned above and it is advisable to attempt it after you’re familiar with normal push-ups.

Elevated push-ups

Elevated push-ups

Recommendation: do 3 sets with 5- 8 reps in every set.

4) Chest Press

This workout is great for chest and arm muscles. When done properly they can help to enlarge your bust. Check out the photo shown below on how to do them.

chest press

Chest Presses

Recommendation: Do 3 sets with 8- 10 reps in every set.

5) Dumbbell flys

This exercise helps to strengthen chest muscles and push out breast tissue. Start with light weights if you are new to this exercise. See the picture below on how to perform dumbbell flys for maximum effect.


Dumbbell Flys

Recommendation: Do 3 sets with 8 – 10 reps in each set.

6) Reverse dumbbell flys

Make a bending position as if you want to pick something then start lifting dumbbells like a bird flapping its wings. Check image shown below.

Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Reverse dumbbell flys

Recommendation: do 3 sets with 10 -15 reps in each set.

7) Arm Presses

This is also great workout for tightening chest muscles. Check the image shown below on how to execute arm presses correctly.

Arm Presses

Arm Presses

Recommendation: do 3 sets with 15 -20 reps in every set.

8) Chest Dips

Chest dips are good for chest and back muscles. You can do them at home using a firm chair or stool. Check the image below on how to execute chest dips.

chest dips

Chest Dips

Recommendation: Do 3 sets with 8 -10 reps in each set.

9) Arm Circles

This is a great workout that you can use as a warm up before doing any of the other intensive exercises I’ve discussed above. See below on how to do arm circles.

arm circles

Arm Circles

Recommendation: Do 4 sets with 10 reps in each set. You can alternate the direction of arm movement from forward to backward when starting subsequent sets.

Final Thoughts

Consistency is key when using exercise to increase bust size. Therefore, I’d recommend doing two or three of the exercises listed above daily. As your body becomes adapted to these exercises you can add the weights and reps. If exercise is not your thing, you can use other ways discussed in this post for breast enhancement.

Bonus Tip

For even faster results you can add breast massage into your daily routine. Massage your breast in the morning and evening using a breast enlargement cream like this one and you’ll start seeing a difference in the size of your breasts within a week.

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