7 Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size In 10 Days

There are many ways to increase breast size but home remedies are arguably the easiest and safest way to enlarge your breasts naturally. In this post we’ll look into 7 home remedies that you can use for breast enlargement.

1) Breast massage


Massaging your breasts regularly is known to help in breast enlargement. You can use natural oils such as almond oil while you perform breast massage. But if you’re looking to get results faster, you can use a breast enhancement cream like this one to massage your breasts.

2) Eating foods rich in monounsaturated fat


Breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissue and consuming foods rich in monounsaturated fat will help increase the size of your bust.

Examples of such foods include: nuts, olive oil, peanut butter, avocado, eggs, dark chocolate and cheese.

3) Regular exercise


Apart from keeping your body healthy, doing regular exercises can help to make your breasts firmer and bigger. For best results it is advisable to focus on exercises that strengthen muscles around the chest area.

Examples of exercises you can do include: chest press, wall press and push-ups. Read more about exercises.

4) Eating foods that stimulate estrogen production in your body

soy bean - soy milk

Estrogen is a hormone that helps to stimulate growth of breasts. Therefore, if you eat foods that stimulate production of estrogen in your body your breasts will start getting bigger and firmer.

Here are a number of foods that you can include in your daily diet to boost estrogen production: flax seeds, sesame seeds, soy beans, soy milk, red clover and legumes such as beans.

5) Not wearing bra while you sleep

Sleeping without a bra helps to relax muscles and tissues around the breast area which helps in breast growth.

6) Fenugreek

This is a natural herb that is known to make breasts bigger. It contains a nutrient called diosgenin which stimulates growth of breasts.

You can use this herb in two ways. One including it in your diet for example drinking herbal tea that is made from fenugreek seeds (you can add honey and lemon to make it tastier). Another way is using fenugreek oil to massage your breasts.

7) Fennel

This is another great home remedy that you can use to enlarge breasts. Fennel is rich in flavonoids and is known to stimulate growth of new breast tissue by boosting estrogen levels in your body.

The best way to use fennel is by drinking it as fennel tea. Use this herb regularly and you’ll notice a change in breast size.


That wraps up my list of 7 home remedies that can help you to increase breast size in 10 days. Apart from making your breasts bigger all these home remedies promote health and well-being in your body.

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